J. & H. Mason

The past has no deviations, and the future can only be thought of with wonder; now is the time to act, because now is all that you have.

J. & H. Mason​
The story of

J. & H. Mason

J. & H. Mason are a husband-and-wife team. They both grew up in the Midwest. Specifically she from Indiana, and he from Illinois. They have shared interests in music, art, architecture, and history. The Masons keep themselves current in social and political issues and have managed to seamlessly incorporate all of these interests into a nonstop intriguing read.

Once they step on the gas, they don’t let up. Even the simplest of scenes will hold your attention throughout this book. Their intricate and descriptive form of writing brings every scene to life for the reader. The international cast of characters will leave you wanting more. Intriguing relationships are formed by a group of people who are all hanging on by threads of loss. They have all come to a point where just existing is not enough. Not being able any longer to tolerate the pain of loss propels them forward in their quest for accountability.

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