Accountability: The Book of Caleb

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A fictional work depicting the American experience.

Survivors seek accountability to have closure in their lives. Once distantly connected, this group of people becomes intimately joined in their quest. Unsolicited help from the spiritual realm sets a course that seeks justice, healing, and a new path to move forward. This journey leads them to discover astonishing answers. At the end of these 15 days, all their lives are irrevocably changed.
This book focuses on a Black Chinese American family who has lost their son to police brutality, revenge, and America’s greatest evil, racism. His mother, Aubrey Yang, is the central figure that everyone is drawn to. They all want accountability. What they learn is that accountability is a two-edged sword.

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The Book of Caleb

Every day, average hard-working people in America experience unjust and unconscionable decisions, from banks, schools, law enforcement, and American institutions as a whole.

These decisions deprive and diminish the quality of life for all of America. If we learn nothing else from this abhorrent behavior, we learn this; be careful of the monster you feed, for surely one day, it will feed on you. As you read this book, it will exemplify how people who were once in love can still love each other, thus giving each other the space and permission to accept being in love again with someone else. Lastly, before reading the final page of Accountability, you just may realize one of its’ many characters, is you.